Monday, February 25, 2008

Crazy Hair .....Crazy Kids!

So last week it was "Crazy Hair" at Awana. Here's our boys and the Busher boys together again. Thanks to Ali for going out and getting the spray. It was really fun putting it in their hair. They all enjoyed it. We thought they looked pretty crazy.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Park Day!

The boys & Annie had some friends meet them at Freedom Park. I'm sorry I didn't get everybody's picture....I thought I did. That's what happens when I'm too busy being the social girl....right Ali! We all had a great time, and I'm sure we will do it again.

Valentine's Day 2008

So last year my friend Tina told us about her great idea of spending the actual day of valentine's with her children at Chuck E. Cheese. We loved this idea and went last year, and hardly anyone was there. This year the word must have been out because EVERYBODY and their cousins were there. Hopefully, they'll go home thinking that wasn't such a good idea and won't go back next year. We'll see!!! This year the Pappas family joined in on the tradition. It was really fun! And of course Tina brought the most delicious cupcakes and chocolate covered strawberries!!YUM-O!!!

This is Tina's daughter Ashlynn. She's a cutie. I tried to take Arik's picture but he wouldn't let me.

Me & Tina laughing about the felony that was just committed.

Summer and I just hanging out.

This is what 3 hours of Chuck E. Cheese can do to you. I love this picture of them. Tim in true form.

Oh my!! This gave me visions of latter years.

Maddy & Annie not fighting. It had to be documented.

They were just too cool to smile.

Bryce had just asked Aly to be his valentine....don't worry she said yes!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Amy to the Rescue....Again!!!!

So my pal Amy cut Cade's hair-FINALLY!! He is so tough to take & go get a haircut. It's been hard ever since he was little. He was really good for her. She has the magic touch.

Here he is all smiles about his "Zac & Cody" hairstyle. He said "I want Mrs. Dahlstrom to always cut my hair, she didn't hurt me." That's a first. He looks like he won't get in trouble at school now.

Since I was taking a picture of Cade, Annie had to have hers taken as well. You would have thought it was a photo shoot the way she was working the camera. Typical Annie!

Bryce didn't want to be left out. This is his face right after he did a stinky. He didn't like the smell, but again neither do we.

The Pond is Gone!!

So our pool was looking like the local fishing hole. We were in disputes with our old pool guys who said they never did anything to it. They ruined our salt water system. So our friends pool service company came and cleaned it up.

Here's Bryce and Cade hanging in the deep end. It looks good now. It's filled with water and the boys wanted to strip down to their chonies and get in, but sadly they have to wait. For all you long distance friends, yes it's 73 degrees outside, and with the jacuzzi on, the pool wouldn't feel too bad. I'm not getting in though. I'm still working on swimming better.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Cade's Promotion

Ever since Cade was little we knew he was special. He walked early, spoke well early, and was able to comprehend things that were far beyond his years. It's hard for me as an educator because I knew he was smart, but it was hard too because when I would tell others he was smart they just took it as me being a mom. So for a long time, Mark and I just took his "smartness" as normal. Then when he was in Pre-K, his teacher really brought out the best in him. Then when we had him tested he tested like a 2nd grader, but because of his personality, we put him in kindergarten. His Kindergarten teacher has been in education for over 20 years, and said this was the first time he ever felt it was a good idea to promote a child who is really much younger than the average Kinder kid. He said Cade was extremely bright, and would benefit from a challenge. Mark and I prayed about it, we talked to Bryce about it (because they would be in the same class), and spoke to the first grade teacher about it. We tried him out in the 1st/2nd combo for a month, and the 1st grade teacher said he was smart. She was really impressed with him. But if you have spent time with Cade you would see that he is not pompous, arrogant, nor a show off. I've had "friends" try to test his abilities b/c they are in education, but he does not respond to that. He thrives in the classroom and in his sunday school class. I know every parent thinks their child is smart (and rightfully so), but it's just nice to have what we knew ever since he was small validated by someone else in the education field. We know God gave him these abilities for a reason, and we can't wait to see how He uses them.

By the way the 1st grade teacher says Bryce has been "taking care" of Cade in class. Making sure he knows what he's supposed to do, and Bryce is really excited to have his brother in class with him.