Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Yes, I know I'm a slacker, but I haven't had internet access, except on my phone, and it's really hard to post from a little screen. As soon as we connect our internet, and I can actually post some pictures I will do so. In the meantime, please feel free to email us: marknmia@hotmail.com. In a nutshell, we've moved, we love being around old & new friends, the weather is FANTASTIC, the kids absolutely love it, and we completely know it's God's will for us to be here. A little hard for us at first, but God is sooooo good. He constantly provides, and has shown Mark and I the power of true Christian friendships!!! We feel like we picked up right where we left off 8 years ago! We love our 805 (sometimes 818) friends....ha ha ha.

We made it out to the desert last week for a birthday party, and Bryce and Cade were comedy as they stepped out into the "oven" (it was 107 degrees). They responded with, "this feels good". All 3 of the kids are freezing out here. If it gets down to 61 degrees at night, they want to wear their long jammies, and have sweats on while they play outside with the neighborhood kids.

Well that's all for now, my fingers can't handle the little screen on this phone. I'll post some pictures of our new house, and other stuff when we get our internet.