Saturday, September 27, 2008

The ABC's of Phillips Life.

So Annie is trying so diligently to learn her name. She can definitely spell it. We are working on writing it. She wants to spell everything. Some words she can phonetically figure out. At 3 years of age, I think she's doing a pretty good job. Cade read at an early age, so maybe she will too. I nurture her interests, and words, letters, spelling, reading, and writing are definitely her interests. Of course so are princesses, pink, bows, and pretty dresses. LOL

So we don't have dental you think I need to take the boys? Just Kidding! Meggan and I were at the mall and the boys chose these candy teeth as their special teeth. I took a picture of them to show them that this can happen if they don't brush. I

Friday, September 12, 2008

Catching up!

Okay so first things first. Bryce turned 7. Yes 7!!! I can hardly believe it. It was such a big treat for him to go to McDonald's with some friends. We also got to see Star Wars Clone Wars. He was really excited. He really missed having his friends from the desert there, but he was excited about his "new" friends celebrating with him.

My good friend Summer came to visit us in Simi on her way to the desert for her Master's class. It was great fun for Maddy and for Annie. The 2 of them didn't miss a beat.....neither had Summer and I. We went to go see House Bunny with Meggan. It was good times. This guy even tried to pick up on Summer. Meggan and I were in hysterics about this guy. He probably would sat next to us if there was room. He was a looker!!!!

Soccer Time!
Mark is coaching the boys again. It is really great because we are part of a Christian League. The players pray before the game, and it's just nice to not be soooooo competitive, but focused on FUN. Mark is the best daddy ever! I got roped into being the Team Mom. I no longer have Jody to rely on, I'm doing it solo. But Jody was a great role model for me, so all is good.

It's also great fun, because we get to see lots of our family at the games too. Here's Bryce and Cade with cousins Caleb and Joshua. Their cousin Steven is also playing in the league and Lauren and Danny are referees.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

What were you doing?

I will never forget this day 9/11. I was nursing Bryce who was only 3 weeks old, and my sister calls to tell Mark and I that the Israeli's were bombing us. Not quite knowing what to do with that statement, we turned the TV on to see the most horrific historical events ever. Bryce's birth reminds me of this day. His small innocence, and how we as Americans at that point in time were completely innocent (or naive) to the cruelness of this world. Just as he has learned the harsh reality of life, we too have learned that we are not invincible and bad things happen. May this day give you hope for tomorrow, and a new outlook on how precious life is. God bless America!!