Friday, March 21, 2008

Classic Bryce

Okay so this is just a little blurb about Bryce. He got in trouble at school for talking too much while the teacher was trying to teach. We talked about it, and his answer was classic Bryce: "Well you see my mind was being woo'ed by the thoughts of vacation, and I just couldn't control myself." YUP that was his answer. MAN that kid has witty answers....gotta love that about him, a chip off the old block. Also, his tooth is finally wiggly. And he had to point out that I was "incorrect", because I had told him he might not lose a tooth until he's 7 b/c daddy and I were older when we lost our teeth. He had to point out that he is 6 1/2 years old. Have a great resurrection Sunday!!!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Buttercup update

Apparently after being quarantined and checked out, she was put to sleep. She was rabid. So our choice to take her to the shelter was a wise choice. A big thank you to all of our friends, and their support of our decision. Bryce is okay, Cade is okay, and Annie is okay. And thanks to our friend Mike and letting us know before we had taken the kids to the hospital that they don't do the needle in the stomach thing any more-WHEW!!!! All they do is give the kids a tetanus shot, clean the wounds, and give antibiotics.....unless they get worse. Fortunately, the kids didn't get worse.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Bye Bye sad!

So yesterday we had to take Buttercup to the pound. Here's the reasons: she started becoming very aggressive, nipping at the kids, and she started acting strange. We had "rescued" her from someone else, and did not know her background. She started off being a very sweet dog, but then something happened. We actually loved on her and paid more attention to her for awhile because we thought she was homesick or something. Then.....she viciously turned on us. This small little dog attacked Bryce-FOR NO REASON-I was sitting right there, and Bryce was bleeding and crying. It took all of me not to drop kick the dog across the room. My friend Summer referred us to a Chihuahua Rescue, but they told us we should take the dog to the nearest animal shelter because it had attacked a child, and they would probably quarantine her. We knew the best thing to do was to rid our family of this vicious little thing that turned on us when all we did was show it kindness and love. Well, except for the one time Annie picked her up and threw her....not far though. We still have Peanut. Peanut seems to have returned to her old self-lazy as ever! So it was a good lesson for the kids on how no matter how much you show something kindness or love it may turn on you very quickly.