Monday, March 23, 2009


Ever since having babies, my hormones have never been the same. I loved the fact that I would go to the doctor and wonder why I felt horrible and gained weight, and they would most always dismiss it as "as we get older....our bodies change." WHAT??????? So my punishment for getting a year older and being blessed with children was to become fat....whatever.....I wasn't buying it. It seemed that every time I got off the pill I would lose weight incredibly fast, get pregnant, gain weight, lose weight incredibly fast, then when I would go on the pill I would gain again. It's been a roller coast fat game! Then I had an emergency hysterectomy.....that pretty much has screwed me up since. I finally got some answers at an endocrinologist-my hypothalamus doesn't function properly (hormone regulator in lay terms), and my metabolic reading is that I burn 2100 calories at rest. What in the world? I should be a twig. However, my brain doesn't read that, so instead I subject myself to shots every day in my stomach no less, and I am doing and feeling much better. My ANA levels are high, which means at the time of the blood test, I am positive for lupus. I get a kick at how God only gives us what we can handle....well He obviously thinks I can handle quite a bit.

Crappy I tell ya, but I am alive, and I'm thankful for that.